--Skamo--Wall Basic Wedge


SkamoWall Basic Wedge is mounted to finish between wall and ceiling.

How to use

  • Remove dust from the surface of SkamoWall Basic Wedge.

  • Prepare the wall if necessary – spray it with SkamoWall Basic Biocide to remove mold.

  • Apply SkamoWall Basic Adhesive to the wall. Use a notched trowel.

  • Mount SkamoWall Basic Wedge. The wedge must be fully bonded, and adhesive must be applied to edges adjoining other boards.

  • Where necessary, easily cut SkamoWall Basic Wedge to shape. Use common tools.

  • Treat wedge with SkamoWall Basic Primer.

  • Fill joints, then skim the wall with plaster. Choose between SkamoWall Basic Smooth Plaster and SkamoWall Basic Structural Plaster.

  • Use the chosen plaster to fill joints.

  • By the next day, the plaster has hardened and can be painted with a diffusion-open paint.

Pallet content

1,040 × 1,250 × 2,150mm excl. pallet height itself.

Wedge size

610 × 400 × 28/5mm




No specific requirements.


  • Microsilica
  • Quicklime


Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulation.

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